What does your agency do?

GreenCash247 is a digital agency committed to helping individuals earn quick and consistent cash through simple  tasks strategically developed to ensure that everyone is a beneficiary both the individual and the organisation with more consideration placed on the users for which the program is developed.
The good news remains that our program is loaded with incentives and no capital is required.

How much does verification code cost?

The verfication code required to become a fully registered member eligible to earn from GreenCash247 costs ₦2,500 and it’s a one-time payment for every new member.

How long does it take to Withdraw from GreenCash247?

Withdrawal time depends on the funds or earning package.

For instance, the Booster Points which is earned by reading our blog posts and sharing our sponsored posts is calculated and paid from the 26th of every month.
The Referral Bonus can be withdrawn at any time provided your balance exceeds the minimum payout of ₦1,500 which is the bonus per referral.

Finally, the Consistency Bonus is paid starting from the first week of the subsequent month.

Do note that, the Consistency Bonus is paid to our top 5 most consistent members for each month.

How can I earn Booster Points?

The Booster Point in the value of GreenCash (GC) is earned each time you read a blog post on or share a sponsored post from our site to various social media platforms.

When you read a post you earn 5 GC.

When you share a sponsored post you earn 20 GC.


The confirmed easiest way to earn GC (GreenCash) is by sharing sponsored posts to various facebook groups and pages with huge fanbase and WhatsApp groups.

Why Do I Need a Verification Code?

The verification code is a six-digit figure required to validate your membership and ensure that you are qualified to get paid by GreenCash247.

How Does GreenCash247 Generate Income?

GreenCash247 is an income generating platform and we have various partners and sponsors through which we meet the target of every member.
This is why we have tasks and objectives for our members, as these tasks are carried out,  GreenCash247, our sponsors and members benefit from the service.



Do note that, we are only open to WhatsApp conversations only.