Get Paid by GreenCash247 for Sharing Sponsored Posts on Social Media

You can earn big on GreenCash247 with help from your social media connections.

GreenCash247 pays its members to share sponsored posts on their social networks. The distribution model is key; it relies heavily on connected social networks, which means, the more social media connections you have the higher your chances of reaching more people, especially when your link has been recommended by a friend or social media connection.

GreenCash247 Members can earn money by sharing a sponsored post to up to six different social media platforms per day. Members are paid real Cash by converting their booster points into real cash by the end of the month. The sponsored post is not meant to be used to spam social media, but more to drive conversations and enlighten the masses.

It’s not easy to properly express and convince people without visual effects that is why the sharable sponsored link has a well-designed image attached to it.

Every time you share our sponsored links you get rewarded time four of what you earn from reading posts.

This financial incentive is not just to encourage the members to share the link but also to help them earn income online without hassle. The serious-minded individuals will make this their business.

Sharing of sponsored posts is not the only way to earn from GreenCash but it’s a major way to easily increase your booster points daily and increase your potential monthly payments.

The sponsored posts to be shared is a special article developed to promote GreenCash247 and create awareness about this awesome platform. In so doing, your friends, colleagues and family will be enlightened and then take advantage of this great platform.

We may later decide to upgrade our program as we keep growing by the day, and the reward per shared sponsored post may be improved.

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